Frequently Asked Questions

Should all of my locks operate on the same key?

There is no reason to have more than one key that operates all of your locks. If you have more than one key, then you would still need to carry both to gain access. If then found it would then take someone a few seconds to figure out which key operates which lock. It is a matter of convenience not to carry more than one key. It is safer to get out of your car with one key in hand to get into your home. Don’t spend unnecessary time playing with keys outside of your door.

I would like to have one key for my entire property but do not want my gardener to get into my home?

We can “master key” your outside gates so that the key you carry operates all locks on the property and the key that you give the gardener and anyone else that needs access to the outside of your property (i.e utility company) can only enter the gate and not the house.

Should I give a key to my neighbor in case there is an emergency?

Only give a key to someone you can trust! It is a good idea to give a key to a trusted relative or neighbor in case of a medical emergency. Just remember, you decrease your security each time you let a key out of your possession.

I want to add a deadbolt to my home with a key on both sides of the door. Is this a good idea?

A double cylinder deadbolt should only be used if there is glass close to the door. The theory is that if someone breaks the glass they won’t be able to reach in and open the door with a keyhole on the inside instead of a thumb turn. It is against many municipal building and fire codes to install this type of lock. It is wise to get out fast in case of an emergency. Furthermore,many people want to make it difficult for a burglar to escape with their possessions. You might come home at the same time that the angry burglar is trying to escape. Why trap them inside? The loss of material items is not important enough to risk physical harm to yourself or your loved ones.